How to Determine the Age of Your John Deere Lawn Tractor

The John Deere Company has been developing products for farmers, builders, landowners, business owners and loggers since 1837. Since the company's inception, it has made millions of machines that help people work. The John Deere lawn tractors make home lawn care easier. When performing repairs or ordering parts, it is sometimes necessary to know the manufacturing year of your tractor so you will get the correct part. You can easily find this information on the tractor or through John Deere customer service.

Step 1

Locate the serial number on your John Deere lawn tractor. The number is located on a metal plate on the tractor engine. Push the hood release on top of the engine cover at the top of the tractor to expose the engine. Write the serial or model number down.

Step 2

Download a copy of the serial number lists from the John Deere website. Compare the serial numbers with the numbers on the lists. For example, a tractor with a serial number from 150001 to 160000 has a manufacture date of 1969.

Step 3

Contact customer service with the serial number if you are unable to locate the year on your own. Some products are unlisted on the download pages due to the large quantity of products.