How to Remove the Deck From a Drive Shaft on a John Deere 425

The John Deere 425 is a sturdy, reliable small tractor. However, like on all tractors, mower blades may need sharpening, or fan belts may need replacement, requiring removal of the mowing deck. For tractors equipped with the 40 Loader, the tractor functions best and burns less fuel with the deck removed. Moreover, the grease fittings can be accessed most easily with the mower deck removed. The mower deck is heavy and requires some effort to remove.

Preparing the Tractor for Removing the Mower Deck

Step 1

Park the tractor on a hard, level surface--a cement floor is best. Turn the steering wheel all the way to the left. The gauge wheels must be set in the lowest positio,n which puts the deck closest to the ground. Pull the retainer pins and put the rear gauge wheels in the sideways position so the deck can later be pushed or pulled out from under the tractor.

Step 2

Push the hydraulic control lever forward to lower mower to the ground. Turn off the engine. Put the parking brake into the locked position to prevent it from rolling forward. Go to the front of the tractor and pull the spring loaded pin outward until you can rotate it forward. Slide the front located pivot rod out of the tractor slots to remove it and put it aside.

Step 3

Lift the draft rod from the slots on each side of the front mower deck. Pull the assembly out from under the tractor and put it aside.

Step 4

Pull the spring-loaded J-pins out of the hydraulic lift arms where they attach to the mower deck. Lock the hydraulic lift arms up and out of the way by locking the lift arm J-pins into the "Up" position on the frame of the tractor. The single remaining connection to the mower deck at this point is the drive shaft coupler connection to the transmission. Detach the coupler by grasping it and pulling it back until it clicks and detaches from the transmission power take off or PTO.

Step 5

When the coupler joint releases the drive shaft, lay the drive shaft onto the mower deck to prevent damage to it.

Step 6

Roll the mower deck out from the right side of the tractor.