How to Remove the Mower Deck on a John Deere X320

The John Deere X320 is in the garden tractor series of mowers and features a 48-inch mower deck. The mower deck is a three-blade system with 1/4-inch, cut-height increments, blades that overlap 40mm for reduced stripping. Whether you need to sharpen the blades, or change out the mower belt, the mower deck needs to be removed for these tasks. This procedure takes 10 minutes to complete.

Step 1

Park the lawnmower on a hard, level surface. Set the parking brake and remove the key from ignition. Push down on the mower deck lift pedal, adjust the deck height to the lowest setting and release the mower deck lift pedal. Pull up on the deck left pedal by hand to lock it in position.

Step 2

Remove the locking clips located on each side of the mower deck at the rear of the mowers draft arms, directly in front of the rear tires. Slide out the pins that the locking clips went through. If the pins are stuck, rock the deck left pedal back and forth with hand to loosen.

Step 3

Locate the draft rod assembly at the front of the tractor going back to the front of the mower deck. Remove the locking clips on each side of the draft rod assembly and slide the studs out of the holes in the frame of the tractor. Slide out the draft rod assembly; push down on the deck lift pedal all the way to raise the mower linkage up. Pull up on the parking brake to lock the linkage in place.

Step 4

Slide the mower out of the right side of the mower.