How do I Remove a Starter From a John Deere 318?

John Deere Company manufactures farm machinery and other industrial equipment. The equipment is available for purchase for professional and home usage. The John Deere 318 is a lawn and garden riding tractor that was produced in the years 1983 to 1992. The machinery offers an 18-horsepower, air-cooled Onan engine with a 25-inch turning radius. Removing the starter from a John Deere 318 is a task of moderate difficulty and should only be completed if you have a general knowledge of engines and tools. Removing the starter, for the average experienced person, should take around 40 minutes.

Step 1

Remove the 4 bolts that attach the hood to the tractor, using a wrench tool.

Step 2

Remove the side engine covers. After removing the hood in Step 1, the side engine covers can be removed by hand.

Step 3

Disconnect the negative battery cable first, then the other cables may be disconnected. Remove the battery. No tool is needed in this step.

Step 4

Unplug and remove the 2 plugs on the harness that is connected to the motor.

Step 5

Remove the air filter assembly and throttle. To remove the air filter assembly, you will press down on the two tabs located on the top with your hands. The filter assembly will pop out. Unhook the throttle cable, a thin metal wire that runs from the throttle trigger to the carburetor. This can be unhooked from the side of the carburetor with a pair of needle-nose pliers.

Step 6

Remove the fuel pump line from the engine. This step is actually less involved than it sounds, and should only take someone with familiarity to the engine about 15 minutes to complete.

Step 7

Remove the fuel pump and the 4 bolts that are holding the motor using a wrench. Also remove the 4 bolts holding the driveshaft on, using a wrench. This will loosen the engine from the chassis.

Step 8

Remove both side shroud covers and the remaining shroud around the flywheel by lifting up and away from the chassis. These parts can be removed by hand.

Step 9

Remove the remaining 2 bolts with a wrench. The starter will now be out. The starter on this model of John Deere is a cylinder-shaped, silver colored part.