How to Remove a Toro Trimmer Cutting Head

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The trimmer head on a Toro weed trimmer consists of two basic parts: the cap and the spool. Removing the trimmer head is a normal process when replacing the trimmer string. Depending on the frequency of usage, you will remove the trimmer head at least once or twice during the cutting season to replace the string. Once you have the Toro in your hands, you will see that the process is straightforward.


Step 1

Hold the base of the trimmer with one hand and twist the cap off counterclockwise. Holding the base of the trimmer will keep the cap from spinning on the shaft when you try to remove it.

Step 2

Lift the spring spool off the cutter shaft. The spool does not attach with bolts. It simply rests on the shaft.

Step 3

Pull the spring off the cutter shaft. The spring works the actuator that allows the string to feed off the spool. If you do not remove it, you could lose it if it falls off.



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