How to Remove the Clutch From a John Deere 14SB

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Things You'll Need

  • 13-mm wrench

  • Socket

  • Spark plug wire

  • Small diameter nylon rope

  • Crescent wrench

  • 5/8-inch bolt


Two of the studs that hold the clutch in place also hold the belt guide in place. Keep their orientation in mind for assembly.

The John Deere 14SB walk behind mower was manufactured until 1995. It featured a Kawasaki engine, 21-inch mower deck and a five-speed transmission. The clutch on the 14SB turns the blade on by pushing a lever on the handle bar that engages the brake on the clutch and turning the mower blade. Taking off the clutch should take about 15 minutes to complete.


Step 1

Set the John Deere walk-behind on a flat surface. Remove the two bolts that hold the mower blade to the clutch with the 13-mm wrench; slide off the blade. Remove the four bolts under the mower deck that hold the engine to the frame with the socket.

Step 2

Pull the engine up until the clutch clears the frame; tilt the engine so the clutch is exposed and easy to work on. Remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug at the front of the engine; remove the spark plug with the spark plug wrench. Feed the small diameter nylon rope into the cylinder to keep the crankshaft from rotating.


Step 3

Remove the two socket head cap screws on the bottom of the engine with the socket; slide off the screws, lock washer and flat washer. Remove the four studs and spring that mount the clutch to the engine block with the crescent wrench.

Step 4

Slide off the clutch assembly. If the clutch is stuck onto the crankshaft, use a 5/8-inch bolt and flat washer and screw into the middle of the clutch until the clutch breaks free.



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