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Bachelor parties are a tradition of weddings and a sort of rite of passage for men transitioning from bachelorhood to the life of a married man. While the idea of throwing a lavish, all-out weekend in Vegas or some exotic location may sound exciting and enticing, the bill attached to it may not be feasible for the groomsmen to cover. However, that doesn't mean you can't still put on a great bash. There are lots of things you can do and ways to throw an amazing bachelor party without spending a lot of money.

Keep the party local.

Step 1

Have a meeting with all the groomsmen and any other individuals involved in planning the party. Decide whose home would best be suited for hosting the party. Having the bash at a private residence is far less expensive than going out, so pick a house where you can be loud and make a mess and there's enough room for everyone to party comfortably. Pick a date close to the wedding but not too close so everyone has a chance to recover from the long and possibly wild night. Collectively decide on a budget and figure out who will contribute what so it's clear ahead of time what you can afford for each element of the party.

Step 2

Hire live entertainment if it's to the groom's liking and that of everyone at the party. There are many options out there, including dancers. It's just up to you to determine what everyone will feel comfortable with. Be sure the entertainment comes from a reputable company, one you can get referrals from and has samples for you to review if possible.

Step 3

Stock up on beer and other alcoholic beverages prior to the party. Choose a couple drink choices to keep things simple. Also plan your food for the evening. You can pre-order some pizzas, or arrange for take out from a local restaurant that the groom-to-be enjoys to be delivered at a certain time. The night of the party, bring in coolers with ice, a kegerator or a mini-fridge strictly for the night's alcohol. Start the night off with a toast to the groom and to the exciting night ahead. Make sure you also have mixers for the hard alcohol and water or other non-alcoholic beverages for designated drivers and non-drinkers.

Step 4

Set up a poker game. Have everyone pitch in for the groom's ante. Get some special cigars to smoke while you play. Put sports, a classic funny movie, or adult entertainment on the television if everyone wants background entertainment. Or play the groom-to-be's favorite music.

Step 5

Continue your drinking fest as you head outdoors for a game of outdoor bowling. Set up some 1-liter bottles partially filled with rocks, and use a basketball as a bowling ball.

Step 6

Judge how the night is going. Some people may be tired and ready to crash. Others might want to continue to party and play another round of poker or watch some videos. Enjoy the rest of the night with your best buddies, and reminisce on your brotherly years together. Make sure someone is being responsible and accounting for everyone's safety. Be sure there's a designated driver appointed early on in the night, or plan on having everyone spend the night.