How to Replace John Deere L130 Belt

The John Deere model L130 lawn and garden tractor has a belt-actuated mower cutting deck that uses a complex system of pulleys and idler arms. John Deere recommends replacing this belt annually, or any time the belt is excessively worn or cracked. A worn belt will cause a noticeable decrease in driving and/or cutting efficiency and is easily replaced in under an hour by most tractor operators.

Step 1

Park the John Deere L130 on a flat, level surface. Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug to prevent the engine from starting accidentally. Place four wooden blocks under each corner of the mower deck. Slide the mower deck lift lever to its lowest position (the deck moves down onto the wooden blocks).

Step 2

Disconnect the PTO (power take off) drive cable by removing the spring locking pin with your fingers and pulling the cable out and away from the bracket. The pin and bracket are located on the top right side of the mower deck.

Step 3

Remove the cable spring (attached to the end of the PTO drive cable) from the idler sheave (pulley) bracket. Remove the two spring locking pins and washers (using your fingers) that connect the rear deck support arms to the mower deck. Disconnect the two arms (one each on the left and right sides of the mower deck).

Step 4

Remove the spring locking pin and washer (with your fingers) that connect the front deck draft rod to the front mower deck bracket. Disconnect the rod from the mower deck. Remove the mower drive belt (roll it off with your fingers) from the engine drive sheave (pulley). Remove the four wooden blocks from under the mower deck, then slide the mower out from beneath the machine.

Step 5

Remove the three cap screws (using an SAE socket wrench) that secure the belt shield to the mower deck. The belt shield is located on the left side of the mower deck directly above the center axis of the left cutting blade. Loosen the idler sheave (pulley) and the belt guides to allow slack in the belt (using an SAE socket wrench).

Step 6

Remove the mowing deck belt by rolling it off of the two blade drive pulleys which are located on top of the mowing deck directly above the center axis of the left and right cutting blades. Remember the route that the belt takes through the pulleys, idlers and support brackets, since this path will need to be replicated for belt replacement. Clean the mower deck's top surface and all brackets sheaves and supporting hardware with a damp rag.

Step 7

Replace the mower drive belt by following the reverse order of the belt removal sequence. Be sure the new belt is routed in the exact same manner as the old belt. Tighten all nuts, bolts and screws securely. Test the tractor and mowing deck for normal operation.