How to Adjust the Cutting Deck on a Husqvarna Riding Mower

Your Husqvarna riding mower is a reliable mower for tackling your lawn cutting needs. Like any other riding mower, the key to even cutting is having the deck properly adjusted. The mower deck on the Husqvarna should be slightly lower in the front than the rear. Adjusting the cutting deck on a Husqvarna riding mower involves minor adjustments to the leveling levers. Although there are four leveling adjustments on the mower you only need to adjust three of them.

Step 1

Park the Husqvarna riding mower on level ground. Raise the mower deck to its highest cutting position with the lever. Turn off the mower and pull out the ignition key.

Step 2

Go the front of the mower deck and measure from the ground to the bottom edge of the deck with a tape measure. Go to the rear of the mower deck and measure from the ground to the bottom edge of the deck. The deck should be an 1/8 inch lower in front.

Step 3

Loosen the nut on the front of each adjustment lever with a wrench. The adjustment levers are between the front wheels and in front of the deck. The threaded ends of the levers insert into a metal bracket.

Step 4

Turn the nut on the inside of the bracket clockwise to raise the front of the deck or counterclockwise to lower the deck. Ensure you turn the nuts on both sides an equal number of turns. Tighten the front nut on each side and remeasure the distance. Continue making adjustments as necessary.

Step 5

Measure the distance between the ground and bottom edge of the deck near the center of the deck on one side. Go over to the other side and measure in the same manner.

Step 6

Find the link adjustment nut under the rear linkage on the side you last measured. Turn the nut clockwise to raise the side of the mower deck or counterclockwise to lower the side as necessary so the two sides are even.