How to Get the PTO Clutch Off a Cub Cadet 1045

The electric PTO clutch on a Cub Cadet L1045 allows the mower blades to engage. The electric clutch is located directly under the engine and is bolted onto the crankshaft. When the PTO switch is placed in the on position, an electrical current is sent to the PTO clutch; engaging a brake which then allows the blades to turn. When the PTO switch is in the on position and the blades will not turn, the electric PTO clutch may need replacing. This procedure takes half an hour to complete.

Step 1

Park the lawn mower on a hard, level surface. Set the parking brake and remove the key from the ignition. Open the hood and pull the spark plug wire off the spark plug to prevent accidental starting of the engine during procedure.

Step 2

Lower the deck to the lowest setting by moving the deck lever into the bottom notch on the right fender. Slide the belt off the PTO clutch with your hands. Under the fender deck on the right side of the mower, in front of the rear wheel, a spring loaded support pin connects the mower deck to the lifting arm. Pull the pin out and slightly rotate towards the rear of the tractor. Repeat this step on the left side of the mower. Gently push the mower deck forward until the front stabilizer arms drop from the tractor frame.

Step 3

Place the jack under the front of the lawn mower and raise off the ground approximately two feet, and slide the jack stands under the frame just in front of the tires. Lower the jack until the frame is resting on the jack stands.

Step 4

Disconnect the PTO clutch wire from the main wire harness. Plug the air wrench into the air compressor and turn on the air compressor. Remove the 5/8-inch bolt in the middle of the PTO clutch with the air wrench; hold the side of the clutch with your free hand to keep the clutch from falling. Once the bolt is removed, slide off the PTO clutch.