How to Remove the John Deere PTO Clutch Center Bolt

The larger series of John Deere lawn tractors come equipped with an electric PTO clutch. The PTO clutch runs on a 12-volt system that engages the mower blades. When the PTO switch is turned on, a 12-volt current is sent to the clutch were it engages the brake. This causes the pulley under the clutch to turn, turning the belt going to the mower deck. If the PTO clutch has an electrical short, it has to be replaced. This procedure will take 10 minutes to complete.

Step 1

Park the lawnmower on a hard, level surface and set the parking brake. Remove the key from the ignition. Pull the handle on the draft rod assembly bracket, on the right side of the frame that holds the mower deck in position, then push the handle down and remove the rod assembly. Slide the mower jack under the front o the tractor frame.

Step 2

Pump the jack up until the front wheels are 18 inches off the ground. Set the jack stands to this height and slide under the front of the frame in front of the tires. Lower the jack until the frame is resting on the jack stands.

Step 3

Disconnect the connector on the right side of the electric PTO clutch from the wiring harness. Locate the washer under the bolt holding the PTO clutch to the crankshaft. The washer has two flat sides; place the 35mm wrench over the flat sides to keep the crankshaft from turning.

Step 4

Place the 5/8-inch socket over the bolt holding the PTO clutch to the crankshaft. Turn counterclockwise until the bolt is removed.