Ford Tractor 600 Series Specs

In 1952 Ford introduced the all-new NAA series tractor, which replaced the old 8N model that was conceived in the 1940s. In 1954 the multi-purpose 600 series tractors were introduced, which had only minor changes from the NAA models. The hydraulic system was improved over the earlier models, and there was a new rear axle design. The 600 series lasted through the 1957 model year.



The Ford 600 used the earlier NAA tractor's engine, which is an overhead-valve inline four-cylinder unit. The cylinder bore is 3.4375 inches while the crankshaft stroke is 3.60 inches. Total displacement is 134 cubic inches with a compression ratio of 6.6:1. The maximum engine speed under no load is 2,200 rpm with maximum horsepower at the power take off (PTO) of 31.1.

Tune Up Specifications

The 600 four-cylinder engine's firing order is 1-2-3-4. The idle speed should be set to between 450 rpm and 475 rpm. The initial timing at 475 rpm should be set to 8 degrees before top dead center (BTDC), and the distributor advance timing should be set to 29 to 31 degrees at 2,000 rpm. The breaker point gap should be checked with a feeler gauge and set to between .024 inch and .026 inch. Fourteen millimeter spark plugs should be used with the gap adjusted to between .025 inch and .028 inch.

General Specifications

The wheel base of the Ford 600 tractor is 72.5 inches. The overall length is 121.4 inches, while the overall width is 64.75 inches. Front and rear tread width is adjustable to between 52 inches to 76 inches. Ground clearance is 21 inches. The original shipping weight on the tractor was 2,750 pounds. The front tire size is 5.50 by 16 inches, while the rear tires are 11 by 28 inches, except for the special utility models, which 10-by-28 rear tires.


The fuel tank on the 600 tractor holds 11 gallons of fuel, while the cooling system holds 15 quarts of coolant. The four-speed transmission holds 6.5 quarts, while the five-speed transmission holds 8 quarts. The axle differential hold 8.5 quarts of lubricant, while the hydraulic system holds 9 quarts of hydraulic fluid. The steering box holds 1 pint of lubricant, while the oil cup on the oil-bath air cleaner holds 1.3 pints of motor oil.