How to Change the Oil on a Gravely Mower

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Things You'll Need

  • Pan

  • Gloves

  • Oil

  • New oil filter

  • Gas can (optional)

Fresh oil is crucial to your Gravely mower's proper operation.

Every engine relies on an adequate supply of clean oil to maintain an optimal running condition. Your Gravely brand mower requires a regular oil change no matter the model of Gravely commercial mower you possess, usually every 500 hours of operation. This is a process you can undertake yourself without the aid of a mower specialist or repairman. Your Gravely mower can be back in business in short order even if you have never attempted an oil change.

Step 1

Burn off any gas in your tank or choose to siphon the gas out into an empty gas container for reuse later.

Step 2

Open the hood over your Gravely mower's engine. Find the white spark plug at the side of your engine and pull the black ignition wire out of it. This is for your safety going forward.

Step 3

Find the oil filer near the left rear wheel of the Gravely mower.

Step 4

Place a pan under the Gravely mower's oil filter. Put on a pair of gloves and use your hands to turn the oil filter until it comes loose. Set the filter aside and allow the oil to drain from the mower into the pan. Wait until this finishes.

Step 5

Apply a thin layer of new oil to the gasket on the end of a new, replacement filter for your Gravely mower. Twist this filter onto the Gravely mower in place of the old.

Step 6

Find the oil reservoir. This reservoir on the Gravely mower is directly above the oil filter. Remove the cap on this reservoir and insert 5 quarts of fresh oil into the Gravely mower. Your specific Gravely mower model's manual will indicate the grade of oil to select.

Step 7

Screw the cap tightly back onto the Gravely mower's oil reservoir. Run the mower for a couple of minutes, then turn it off and unscrew the reservoir's cap again and use the dipstick on the reservoir area to check the oil's level within the reservoir. It should be between the low and high marks on the dipstick, preferably just below the high mark.

Step 8

Replace the dipstick and screw on the oil cap.

Step 9

Add the fuel back into your Gravely mower's gas tank.

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