How to Adjust the Super 800 Toro Sprinkler Head

The Super 800 Toro is a gear-driven sprinkler head recommended for residential and light commercial lawn watering. It has removable nozzles that give it a spray radius range from 28 to 50 feet, and its arc is adjustable from 40 to 360 degrees. Toro supplies a proprietary tool that it recommends for making adjustments -- if you don't have one, you can order one from Toro or you can use a small flat-head screwdriver.

Setting the Arc

To set the arc angle, the sprinkler head needs to be out of the ground. If you have an adjustment tool, you can use it to pull up the sprinkler head. It's also possible -- although a little more difficult -- to pry the head out of the ground with a flat-head screwdriver. If you don't mind getting wet, you can also make the adjustment while the water is on and the head is already up.

Step 1

Use the tool to pull up then sprinkler head by inserting the tip into the pull-up keyhole, which is on the opposite side of the head from the arc adjustment arrow. Once the key is in, turn it 90 degrees and pull. If you only have a flat-head screwdriver, work the blade under the edge of the sprinkler head and pry it just enough to allow you to grip it with your fingers so you can pull it up.

Step 2

Hold the riser with one hand while you insert the tool or a flat-head screwdriver into the arc adjustment slot in the middle of the head. Turn the screwdriver clockwise -- to the right -- as far as it will go, then turn it counterclockwise until it stops and the preset stop position.

Step 3

Rotate the riser until the arrow indicating the left stop is lined up with the left side of the area you want to water. Turn the screwdriver clockwise to set the arc distance. If you turn the screw 360 degrees back to the stop position, the head will rotate continuously in a circle. Otherwise, it cycles between the arc limits.

Setting the Radius and Replacing the Nozzle

You can adjust the distance the water sprays -- also called the arc radius -- by using the arc radius adjustment screw, located at the front of the head. You can only adjust the radius a limited amount this way; if you want to increase or decrease it significantly, you have to replace the nozzle. Besides controlling water flow, the adjustment screw also holds in the nozzle; loosening it releases the nozzle.

Step 4

Make the radius adjustment while the water is on. Turn the adjustment screw clockwise to reduce the spray radius and counterclockwise to increase it. Adjusting the radius does not affect the water output of the sprinkler.

Step 5

Replace the nozzle with the water off. Pull the sprinkler head out of the ground, hold the riser and turn the radius adjustment screw counterclockwise until it clears the top of the nozzle. Pull the nozzle out using the adjustment tool, a small flat-head screwdriver or an awl.

Step 6

Orient the new nozzle so its prongs are at the 12 o'clock position. Push it into the hole; when installed correctly, the nozzle number should be visible. Tighten the radius adjustment screw to hold it in place, then turn on the water and adjust the radius.