My Sprinkler Will Not Oscillate

Sprinklers come in many shapes and sizes. They can be installed underground to pop up and water the lawn when activated, they can be spiked into the ground in the location you desire and they can even roll across the ground. Most sprinklers, not including soakers, twist and turn while spraying water for a more even water distribution. After the sprinkler is set up or installed, you might experience a problem with oscillation.

Oscillating sprinklers can easily be set to flow in one direction.

Rotor Sprinkler

If the underground rotor sprinkler twists in a full circle and does not go back and forth, the spray head rotation might be set to 360 degrees. This can be corrected by adjusting the rotation range or arc, using the supplied tool. Insert the supplied adjuster tool into the arc adjustment socket or keyhole. Hold the sprinkler stem in place and twist the tool counterclockwise to decrease the arc. The arc can be decreased, usually down to 40 degrees. If the sprinkler can be adjusted to 0 degrees and your sprinkler doesn't turn at all, increase the arc by twisting the tool clockwise.

Impact Sprinkler

If there is too much water pressure going into an impact sprinkler, which sits above ground, the sprinkler might spray water in one direction and not rotate. Use a water pressure gauge or a pilot tube to measure the pressure of the water supply. Next, inspect the trip collars, which surround the base of the sprinkler. If the trip collars are too close together, then the sprinkler might spray in only one direction. Expand the limits of the trip collars to allow the sprinkler to oscillate. Take note of the trip pin position. If the trip pin, which is located just above the trip collars, is lifted up instead of down between the trip collars, then the impact sprinkler is set to turn in a continuous circle. Lower the trip pin between the collars to put the rotation range settings into motion.

Traveling Sprinkler

If the traveling sprinkler fails to travel and the spray head doesn't turn, either the spray head arms are directed too low or the spray arms are each pointed in the wrong direction. The spray arms should both be facing the ground or away from the ground at the same angle from the ground, but in opposite directions. If they face the same direction, the spray head won't turn. Do not adjust the arms so low that they hit the body of the sprinkler base, or the arms won't rotate and the sprinkler won't travel.

Oscillating Sprinkler

Oscillating sprinklers fan back and forth from a central spot above ground. The sprinkler usually has a rotation setting knob or dial around the spray head or on the base. Confirm the settings of the dial. If the dial is set to water only in one area, twist the dial to a larger range.