How to Get Rid of Frogs That Are Waking Me Up

A few frogs on your property can keep the bug and insect population relatively low. A large number of frogs, though, can mean trouble. Although the small amphibians won't bite you, they will croak continuously during the nighttime hours, keeping the entire family from getting a good night's sleep. Getting rid of the frogs is the only way to restore peace to the household.

Croaking frogs can keep you up at night.

Step 1

Clear your yard to eliminate places for the frogs to hide. Cut tall grass and remove piles of debris. Bag piles of raked leaves and place stacks of cut wood on a platform.

Step 2

Introduce a snake or two to the property. Plenty of non-venomous snakes prey on frogs, yet are totally safe to have around your family. Black racers can be used to get rid of frogs on the average property, or banded water snakes if you have a lake or pond close by.

Step 3

Spray your yard to repel the frogs. According to the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, you can use citric acid or hydrated lime. Place your repellent of choice in a backpack sprayer and coat the areas of your lawn that are infested with frogs.

Step 4

Hang a few bug zappers around your property. They will kill the bugs and insects that are attracting the frogs to your yard. The frogs will be forced to move elsewhere to feed.