The Best Way to Get Rid of Moles in the Yard

Moles are insectivores, which means they eat insects. Unfortunately, this also means they want to dig up your lawn in search of food. In addition to making your lawn unsightly, they may disturb root systems and make your lawn more inviting to other animals. Trapping is the most effective and practical way to get rid of moles in your yard, ccording to Amanda Rodewald, Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology at Ohio State University.

Mole hills are circular, whereas gopher hills are fan-shaped.

Step 1

Locate the mole runway, which consists of raised ridges of soil or pushed-up sod. Runways are generally located near a molehill, a conical mound of upturned dirt.

Step 2

Make a small excavation, a depressed ridge, across the tunnel, using a shovel or hand trowel.

Step 3

Set a mole trap in the excavation. The best mole traps are those that straddle the runway or are suspended just above it. Common examples include harpoon traps and choker traps, both of which are available at most garden supply and hardware stores. These traps work best because they remain invisible to a mole, which is likely to become suspicious of any unfamiliar objects placed directly in its path, reports the University of Wisconsin.

Step 4

Cover any holes you made with dirt. You do not want any sunlight to reach the runway.

Step 5

Check the trap every day. If the trap has not caught the mole after two days, try moving the trap to a different runway.

Thomas King

Thomas King is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law where he served as managing editor of the "Pittsburgh Journal of Environmental and Public Health Law." He currently lives in Aberdeen, Washington where he writes and practices law.