Why Is the New Sod on My Lawn Turning Brown?

New sod needs proper care in order for the roots to grow deep into the soil. When the proper care is not given, the sod starts showing signs of stress, such as brown patches.


Water new sod deeply twice a day for the first two weeks in hot temperatures and once a day in cool temperatures. After the sod is established, reduce the watering to two to three times a week or when needed.


If the sod is not tamped down after lying, air pockets between the soil the sod prevent the roots from growing deep into the soil. This causes the roots to die and the sod turns brown and dies.


Using weed killers on newly laid sod causes the sod to turn brown from burning. Weed killers should not be necessary in the first year. If you have weeds growing in the new sod, do not use weed killers until the next growing season.