When to Plant Grass Seed in Minnesota?

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Whether you are planting a new lawn for the first time, or only reseeding a small area, timing is critical to successful grass growth in Minnesota. A healthy lawn can provide you and your family with years of enjoyment.


Time Frame

Many people plant grass seed in spring, and while this is an acceptable time to plant grass in Minnesota, it is not necessarily the best time. According to the University of Minnesota, early fall is a better season to plant, with the ideal time being from mid-August to mid-September.


The reason to plant in fall is that spring planting coincides with the germination of annual weeds. So when you fertilize the grass seed. you are also fertilizing weeds. In addition, Minnesota nights grow longer and cooler in fall, which helps to keep newly grown grass moist.



Loosen the soil before you spread grass seed, and apply starter fertilizer as you plant the grass. Water the seeds frequently, but use less water as the grass grows. According to the University of Minnesota, grass you plant in fall should come back the following spring thick and healthy.



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