How Far Apart Do You Plant Mondo Grass?

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A fence line is a great place to plant Mondo grass

Mondo grass, a type of ground cover native to Asia, is commonly found in Hawaii and other warm-weather climates. Mondo grass is versatile, tolerant to both drought and full sun; however, it grows best in moist soil with partial shade. Mondo grass is evergreen and has white flowers in the summer and bright blue berries in the fall.

Separate Clumps

Separate mondo grass clumps into individual tufts. Be sure each clump contains roots or rhizomes.


Dwarf varieties should be planted 2 to 4 inches apart. Regular varieties should be planted 4 to 12 inches apart. If you want faster ground cover, use the minimum spacing when planting.


When planting, make sure the roots and rhizomes are well-covered by gently pressing the soil around them, but do not plant the crowns too deeply.


After planting, apply an herbicide to deter weed growth. This will help the mondo grass become established free of other vegetation.

Disease and Pest Control

The most common problems of mondo grass, root rot and scale, can be controlled with the use of a fungicide and any oil-based insecticide made for use with ornamental plants.


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