The Best Time to Plant Grass Seed in California

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Planting grass seed at the right time of year ensures proper germination.

Several types of grass work well in the California climate, including bermuda grass, St. Augustine and zoysia. The best time for planting depends on the type of grass seed you want to use.


St. Augustine

Plant St. Augustine grass seed in late spring or early summer, as suggested by Texas A&M. This time of year works best for the moisture requirements of St. Augustine seed, which will not grow if exposed to dry conditions before sprouting.


A limited number of bermuda grass varieties can be planted by seed, with the rest requiring propagation through stolons, rhizomes or sod, according to Texas A&M. Plant bermuda in the spring or summer using hulled seeds or in fall or winter using unhulled seeds. Unhulled seeds will keep germination from occurring until the arrival of appropriate springtime weather conditions.



Plant zoysia grass in late spring or early summer in California for best results. Zoysia japonica may be grown by seed, but all other zoysia varieties must be planted through sprigs or sod.


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