How to Make Urea Fertilizer

Buying fertilizer for your garden can be a costly way to go about doing things, but most people think that they don't have a choice. Of course you can always go and try and find a horse ranch that might have a little extra manure that you can have, but the smell might be a little much for your yard. Little do most people know, however, that you can actually make your own fertilizer right at home. This method is much, much cheaper than buying it and you will actually be saving the planet a little bit as well.

Step 1

Put the bottles or the buckets in the bathroom. Instead of using the toilet when you have to urinate, do it in the bucket. This will actually start saving water, and over the course of a year, hundreds of flushes and thus hundreds of gallons.

Step 2

Mix baking soda with the urine before you pour it out in your garden. You will want to mix one tsp. baking soda for every gallon of urine that you have. This will neutralize the acid in the urine and actually make it safe for your plants. You must use the urine within 24 hours of releasing it from the body as urine does turn into ammonia and will harm your plants.

Step 3

Pour the mixture from the bucket or bottles into a watering can.

Step 4

Go out and water your garden or grass with this mixture. You will notice that the smell is not nearly as potent as manure and one tsp. baking soda is immensely cheaper than a gallon of fertilizer that you could buy.