How to Build a Hydroponic Grow Box

If you are interested in cultivating your own garden, you may be concerned with the potential mess and bulk of traditional gardening. An interesting and effective alternative may be garnered through the implementation of a hydroponic grow box garden. Hydroponic gardening is simply a technique of growing plants little or no soil, but rather in water containing dissolved nutrients. To get started, you will want to build or procure a hydroponic grow box.

Step 1

Begin with a container capable of holding water; about 1 ½ inches from the bottom you will need to drill a drain hole.

Step 2

Pile bricks or stones in the bottom so that their tops are level with the drain hole. Do not block the drain hole.

Step 3

Cut your PVS so that it is short but is still of the correct length to reach the bottom of the container. Then cut a piece of wire mesh that sits snugly on top of the bricks or rocks, with a hole in it for the PVC pipe to go through.

Step 4

Add soil on top of the mesh (this will keep the soil out of the water. Add soil to the top and mound it so it is slightly higher in the center than on the top.

Step 5

Make a trench in the center of the soil about an inch deep, and add the fertilizer.

Step 6

Cover the top with a plastic garbage bag, leaving a hole for the PVC to come out, tie the bag to the container with a sting. Now, you just make holes where you want to plant a plant.

Step 7

Plant your chosen plants, being careful not to plant them directly in the fertilizer; then fill the container with water via the PVC pipe. You will know that the water is full when it begins to leak out the drain hole.

Adam Tavangaran

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