Plants That Are Good for Windowless Offices

With many people spending the vast majority of their day, and even their week, inside an office, more emphasis is being placed on the importance of a healthy work environment. Keeping indoor plants in the office can help to maintain humidity levels and remove toxins from the air. Plants are also a nice decorative touch that may help to brighten up an otherwise drab workspace. Many offices and cubicles are windowless, with little to no sunlight reaching the area. Fortunately, a variety of plants are well suited to just this environment.


Aglaonema is a genus of plants that contains more than 20 different species. One of the more common is the Aglaonema modestum, or Chinese evergreen. The plants in this family grow well indoors in low-light areas. Aglaonema are evergreen perennials with beautiful variegated leaves. They vary in color from green and silver to green and chartreuse.


Sansevieria is also known as the "snake plant." This plant has long, stiff leaves that resemble yellow and green ribbons. The plant can grow up to four feet tall. The snake plant is very hardy and grows well in low light. Overwatering or cold temperatures are the only issues that will harm this plant, making it ideal for your office.

Peace Lily

The peace lily, which belongs to the genus Spathiphyllum, is one of the best plants for low-light indoor conditions. This plant will brighten up a dull office with its brilliant white flowers. The peace lily has glossy green leaves and grows from 1 to 1 1/2 feet tall. Avoid chilly conditions, and this plant should thrive.

Silver Lace Fern

The silver lace fern, also known as Evergemiensis, is a lovely fern that is especially well suited to indoor environments. This fern needs little to no sunlight. The fronds of the plant are typically green and silver, though some varieties are solid green in color. The silver lace fern should be kept damp for optimal growth. Other ferns that also grow well in low-light indoor conditions are the Rochford holly fern and the Dallas fern.

Kentia Palm

The Kentia palm is an indoor favorite. This plant has been used as a means of indoor decoration since the Victorian era. Kentia palms require regular watering as well as good fertilizer to stay healthy. This plant can grow from 5 to 12 feet tall in an indoor environment. While this will make a stunning plant for your office, make sure that you have the room to accommodate it and that your neighbors won't mind a few palm fronds peeking over the top of the cubicle wall.