How to Kill Saw Grass in Your Yard

Saw grass is a tall, thick form of grass that typically sprouts in well-watered areas. It needs more nutrients because of its size, so it can overwhelm other grass and nearby plants.To preserve your yard and keep it looking its best, get rid of the saw grass.

Step 1

Pull the saw grass by hand. Avoid mowing it for a while. This gives you more to grab and makes removal easier.

Step 2

Dig up any root systems that might have broken off while removing the grass, or it could sprout again.

Step 3

Spray the infested area with a grass-killer. Keep the spray contained to saw grass as much as possible. Other grass can be reseeded.

Step 4

Create a mixture of equal parts water and sugar in a spray bottle. Do not use salt. Although salt kills plants, it can make the land unusable for future grass. Sugar kills grass but does not keep the land from supporting future crops.

Step 5

Spray the mixture on the saw grass. Allow the grass to dry out, then remove it once it has shriveled and died.