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The Wii LEGO Star Wars games have proven to be quite popular. These games appeal to adults who grew up on the Star Wars movies and they appeal to kids because they present a world of LEGO figures. Another appeal to both parents and kids is that these games are refreshingly free of realistic violence. Besides, that click-clack sound when characters build items from LEGO has a charm all its own.

Step 1

Find the nearest video game trade-in store to you. When you go to buy the Wii LEGO Star Wars video game, you may be able to reduce the price by trading in games you already own. Even if you don't have any games you want to trade in, you may be able to buy a used version for less than the cost of a brand new version.

Step 2

Check retail stores that sell mainly clothing like Kohl's, TJ Maxx, and Marshall's. Very often, these stores will carry Wii video games and you may get lucky enough to find LEGO Star Wars. The good news is that in discount stores like TJ Maxx, a brand new game can cost less than it does in a video game store or a department store.

Step 3

Remember that large chain stores like Toys R Us, Target and Wal-Mart routinely carry video games. The prize here is convenience as there are thousands of these stores located across the country. Of course, that convenience is tempered by the fact that so many people shop at these stores that the supply of Wii LEGO video games may run out.

Step 4

Consider the idea of buying a Wii LEGO video game by bidding on them at eBay or another online auction site. Again, convenience is a prime factor here as you can shop without ever leaving home. This is not a good choice if you need the game quickly, but you should be able to substantially cut down on the price for a new game over what you'd pay at stores like Toys R Us or Wal-Mart. You also can never be completely sure you are getting a new game and not merely a repackaged used game.

Step 5

Shop around at places where people would sell used games. The Wii LEGO Star Wars games can be "beaten," so when players reach the end, they often will try to make some money by selling it. Check out yard sales and flea markets to get a really good deal on a used game. You may have to sacrifice something like the manual, but you can easily find the contents of the manual online.

Timothy Sexton

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