How to Prune Pachysandra

Pachysandra is a perennial evergreen groundcover. It flourishes in shaded, moist areas with rich, slightly alkaline pH soil. Pachysandra has a slow growth rate, taking about three years to establish a carpet of groundcover. It is generally a hardy plant; however, heavy rains can cause leaf blight and stem canker. Very dense areas of growth can also suffer from scale infestations, which can be difficult to eradicate. Pruning your Pachysandra requires very little care, but periodic pruning done in the early spring, every 3 to 6 years, will stimulate new growth and can deter some of the health problems.

Pruning your Pachysandra

Step 1

Fertilize your Pachysandra thoroughly in Autumn before you plan on pruning.

Step 2

Starting at the edge of your plant bed, trim any stray or wandering plants down to an inch in height with your clippers or shears. Be sure to trim the stems growing along the ground and those growing straight up.

Step 3

Work your way into the plant bed, cutting all the growth to an inch in height.

Step 4

Clear the plant bed from any debris with the rake. Gently rake out the bed, being careful to not uproot any of the Pachysandra plants.

Step 5

Fertilize your Pachysandra the autumn after you have pruned, .

Marie Price

Marie Price is a freelance food, arts and gardening writer. She is a graduate of Pratt Institute of Fine Arts in Brooklyn, NY where she studied painting and art history. She also has many years experience with catering and baking. She currently works as a marketing director and technical writer at a nursery, where she also uses her knowledge of plants.