How to Build a Cucumber Trellis

How to Build a Cucumber Trellis. Cucumber vines gobble up a lot of garden real estate if you allow them to scramble along the ground. So why not grow them up a trellis? You'll free up space for other crops and get better quality cucumbers. A cucumber trellis doesn't need to be fancy. In fact, I like to repurpose the flimsy wire cages sold for tomatoes into cucumber trellises. All you need is some sisal twine, U-shaped landscape fabric staples and about 10 minutes of free time.

Build a Cucumber Trellis

Step 1

Gather the legs of the wire cage together and tie them tightly with sisal twine.

Step 2

Place the conical-shaped cages upside down in the garden. Pin the cages to the ground with eight U-shaped garden staples spaced evenly around the bottom of the cage.

Step 3

Plant a cucumber in the middle of each cage. As the cucumber vine grows, train it up the wire scaffolding of the cage.

Step 4

If you live in a windy area, you may want to increase the sturdiness of the trellis by first driving a 6-foot bamboo pole into the ground. Then, place the cage upside down over the pole, tie the legs of the trellis to the pole with sisal twine and pin the bottom of the trellis to the soil with the U-shaped staples.