Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Instructions

The makers of wireless indoor/outdoor thermometers manufacture these devices to provide more than just temperature readings. Most units provide such information as the date, time zone and even humidity levels. Manufacturers of wireless thermometers also make these units simple enough for the everyday user to operate. With just a few simple set up steps, it only takes the push of a button to monitor and change settings.

Step 1

Unscrew the sensor's battery compartment cover with a Phillips screwdriver. Place batteries, usually AA or AAA, in the compartment and close the cover. Replace the screws and tighten with the screwdriver. Insert batteries in the main unit the same way. Press the "reset" button, if provided, on both units.

Step 2

Press the channel select button on both units. Choose the same channel for both units.

Step 3

Place the sensor by the main unit and press "reset" on the sensor. Press the "channel" and the "mem" button on the main unit to sync the two units.

Step 4

Place the sensor in a stand or mount it outdoors with its included bracket. Keep the sensor out of direct sunlight and protect it from rain and snow. Keep the main unit indoors.

Step 5

Press the buttons on the back of the main unit to switch between settings such as Celsius or Fahrenheit, time zone and date. Press the arrow buttons to change setting options.