Husqvarna Chainsaw Specs

The Husqvarna Company manufactures a wide variety of chainsaws from home use to the professional as of 2011. In addition to chainsaws, other products include different types of lawn mowers and tractors, blowers, hedge trimmers, cultivators and brush cutters. Husqvarna caters to the home and landowner in addition to construction and other professionals.

Homeowner Use

The Husqvarna model 435 is one of six models in the homeowner series of chainsaws. The 435 is lightweight at only 9.2 lbs., excluding the chain and bar. Idling speed is 2900 revolutions per minute (rpms) with a maximum power speed of 9000 rpms and a power output of 2.2 horsepower (hp). The chain pitch on the 435 is 0.325 inches, and the chain speed has a maximum power of 48.2 feet per second (fts). The fuel tank holds about 3/4 pt. and the oil tank volume is 1/2 pt.

Landowner Use

For a little more rugged usage the Husqvarna 353 E-Tech, out of 10 models, is a high-power, low-weight chainsaw at 11 lbs., minus the cutting equipment. The 353 is adaptable to a bar length of 13 inches minimum to 20 inches maximum. With a power output of 3.3 hp, the 353 has an idling speed of 2700 rpms and a maximum power speed of 9000 rpms. Fuel tank volume equals slightly more than 1 pt., and the oil tank holds a little more than 1/2 pt.


Husqvarna produces one electric model chainsaw, the 316E, that is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Without the chain and bar, the unit weighs almost 10 lbs., has a power rating of 1600 watts and a voltage of 110. Chain speed at maximum power equals 48 fts. and the pitch is 3/8 inch. The bar length of the 316E measures 14 inches.


Out of 23 models, the Husqvarna 395 XP G is one of the higher end models that is designed for the professional logger. With a rugged handle design, wider clutch cover and more aggressive clutch, the 395 XP G is equipped to handle a longer bar, up to 36 inches maximum. Power output is basically 7 hp with an idling speed of 2500 rpms and a maximum power speed of 9600 rpms. The fuel tank holds 1 qt., and the oil tank volume equals about 1 pt. Weight of the unit less the cutting equipment is 17.8 lbs.

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