How to Fix the Poulan Pro Chainsaw Oiler

The oiler on the Poulan Pro chainsaw uses a distributing hose connected to an oil pump, which in turn is connected to the oil tank. While only a professional mechanic should work on the oil pump, you can fix and clean the rest of the oiling system. Without proper lubrication on your chain, you will wear out chains, sprockets, and potentially damage the clutch assembly. For this reason, always perform an oil check before you start cutting and address oiling problems immediately.

Step 1

Turn off the ignition switch to turn off the Poulan Pro's engine. Pull the safety brake handle back to ensure the brake is off. Take off the two bar bolts on the Poulan Pro's clutch side of the engine. Lift away the cover; take off the bar and chain, separating the chain from the bar.

Step 2

Insert your knife into the top of the guide slot and run it along the length of the slot to free up any compacted oil and sawdust. Repeat this for the other guide slot. Pick out any compacted oil in the bar oiler holes, at the base of the bar. Wipe the bar down with the rag and inspect for signs of damage, such as cracks or warping, which would prevent oiling.

Step 3

Unscrew the oil plate from the side of the bar posts. Take off the plate and clean the area around it with the brush and rag. Inspect the bar oiler nipple for clogs or signs of damage, like cracking or a misshaped nozzle. Blow the area out with compressed air.

Step 4

Loosen the oil cap and pour all the old oil into the oil container. Pour about 1 tbsp. of clean gasoline into the oil tank; close the cap and swish the gas for 10 seconds. Drain the fuel and clean out the tank with the brush and rag. Pull the oil pickup hose out of the tank with the metal hook. Take the pickup nozzle off the end of the hose with the pliers. Clean the nozzle with the mild cleaning agent, like dish soap. Put the nozzle back onto the hose or replace if it can't be cleaned.

Step 5

Fill the oil tank with bar oil. Close the cap and start the Poulan without the bar and chain on. Throttle the saw and watch the oiler nipple to see if oil protrudes from the nozzle; a little oil should come out. If no oil is present, your pump isn't working and will need to be serviced by a professional.