Suncast hose reels wrap garden hoses around an enclosed spool via a hand crank. These units are available with rotating wheels for pushing around the yard or are stationary boxes. The reel repairs follow the same formula, regardless of being on the wheel transport or in the box. If your Suncast hose reel malfunctions, do a little troubleshooting to repair the reel. Common problems include worn out O-rings around the spool, dry bushings and loose handle screws.

Step 1

Unscrew the hose from the hose housing on the Suncast reel box. Make sure the water is turned off prior to removal to avoid unwanted spraying. Unscrew the four set-screws on the handle side of the box and remove the box panel.

Step 2

Use the ratchet and a 7/16th sized socket to unscrew the handle's center lug nut. Remove the handle and look at the spindle. Pry the black rubber O-ring off the spindle and replace with the new O-ring. Your O-ring size is dictated by the spool size of your Suncast reel. Common sizes are 3/4 inch and 1 inch.

Step 3

Apply degreaser to a rag and wipe off the handle and spindle and the bushings where the handle moves the spool. Let all areas dry and then apply the spray-on lubricant.

Step 4

Attach the handle back onto the spindle and tighten as tight as possible. Place the box panel back over the handle and onto the box itself. Screw the four set-screws back onto the panel.