How to Adjust a Poulan Chainsaw Bar Chain Oil Flow

Most newer Poulan chainsaws use an automatic oil pump that regulates the flow of oil to the chain during cutting. Gone are the days when you needed to set the pump manually. This feature allows you to keep cutting without worrying about the proper chain lubrication. But problems can still arise with the automatic pump and you may need to adjust the oil output if it's not getting enough oil or too much is ruining your bars and chains.

Step 1

Undo the bar nuts, which lock the clutch cover in place, using the wrench. Take the clutch cover, bar and chain off the clutch. Pull the chain off the bar.

Step 2

Insert the tip of the knife into the top of the guide slot on the bar. Run the knife down the length of the slot, scraping out all built-up oil and wood chips. Repeat the process for the second slot.

Step 3

Clean the bar's oiler hole, located near the base of the bar, just below the notch it seats onto the metal posts, with the tip of the knife. If you have access to compressed air, blow out the oiler hole and guide slots on the bar.

Step 4

Reseat the bar and chain onto the clutch. Set the clutch cover in place and tighten both bar nuts with the wrench. Start the Poulan. Let it warm at a high idle by gently throttling the trigger for several minutes. Throttle the chainsaw when it's warm and hold the tip about 1 inch above a cut piece of wood. Look for a light splattering of oil. If oil is present you don't need to adjust the automatic oil flow.

Step 5

Adjust the automatic oil flow if little or no oil is present during the test. Turn the chainsaw upside down. Turn the screw marked with a "+" or "-" toward the "+" sign. If too much oil is present turn the screw toward the "-" sign. Repeat the oil test and adjust as necessary.