How to Connect a Saw Tree Pruner

A tree pruner is a long pole that holds a specially designed pruning head for trimming branches high in trees and tall shrubs. The primary blade of the head is curved to hook around each branch. A pull on a rope attached to the device closes another blade to trim the branch. While some tree pruners telescope, others connect in sections to reach higher into trees. This latter type of pruner locks together with a spring-loaded button latch in the end of one section that snaps into the end of another section. You can add more sections to lengthen the pruner.

Tree pruners are convenient for trimming branches high in trees.

Step 1

Press the lock button down on the pruning head. Insert the narrow end of one of the pole sections, called the ferrule, into the end of the pruning head, aligning the metal ferrule at the end with the lock button. Slide the ferrule into the pruning head until it locks in place.

Step 2

Press the locking button on the opposite end of the first pole section. Align and insert the narrow ferrule of the next section into the end of the first pole section until it locks in place.

Step 3

Continue to add sections to the pole in a similar manner until the pole is of the desired length. Disassemble the pole by pressing each locking button and sliding the pole sections apart.