How to Repair a Poulan Chain Saw Bar Oil Lubrication Pump

Poulan chainsaws use a self-lubricating pump and hose system that automatically keeps your chain and bar oiled. Poulan also has an oiler control screw that allows you to manually set the amount of oil that flows to the bar and chain. From the tank to the pickup hose on the oiler, a lot of things can go wrong along the way, and if you're noticing a lack of oil on the bar it could be something inside and throughout the oil system.

The bar oil pump sits below the clutch and keeps the bar lubricated

Before Removing the Pump

Step 1

Unscrew the bar tensioner screw counterclockwise to release tension on the chain. Remove the bar nuts with the wrench. Pull off the bar cover, chain and bar.

Step 2

Hold the bar up by the tip. Insert the tip of the knife into the slot on the tip of the guide bar. Scrape the knife down along the length of the guide slot. Clean out any compacted oil, sawdust and debris that could be blocking oil from your chain.

Step 3

Inspect the two bar oiler holes on the bar. These small holes are located at the rear of the bar, above and below the slot the bar uses to rest on the bar posts. Clean with the knife if the holes are dirty.

Step 4

Check the nose sprocket by spinning it with your hand. If it doesn't spin freely, lubricate the sprocket bearings with the lubrication. Replace bar if it's bent up, broken or in bad shape.

Step 5

Dump out any remaining contents left in the oil tank. Scrub the tank clean with the brush and rag. Pull out the oil pickup and the oil filter with the needle nosed pliers and replace them both.

Step 6

Unscrew the oil plate that covers the oil pump and delivery hose. Start the saw with all of these things off. Depress the throttle and look for a little bit of oil to come out of the oiler nipple. If oil is present the problem is not in your pump. If there's no oil present, you will need to remove the oil pump.

Removing the Oil Pump

Step 7

Lift off the rubber boot covering the spark plug. Unscrew the spark plug with the socket wrench and remove from the engine. Insert the piston stop tool into the empty spark plug hole.

Step 8

Unscrew the starter cover and remove it from the engine. Turn the flywheel by hand until the piston contacts the stop tool.

Step 9

Attach the clutch removal tool to the clutch. Lock the clutch in place. Turn the center bolt clockwise to loosen the clutch assembly. Poulan models use a left hand thread for the clutch.

Step 10

Pull of the clutch assembly, which will include the two clutch shoes and clutch spring. Remove the clutch washer underneath the assembly. Pull off the clutch drum and the small washer from the crankshaft.

Step 11

Unscrew the four screws holding the oil cover in place over the oil pump. Remove the oil cover. Disconnect the oil pump and unscrew the pumps mounting screw. Pull the pump out of the engine.

Repairing the Oil Pump

Step 12

Disassemble the pump by unscrewing the two screws holding the kit together. Pull the pump cover off of the worm drive. Unscrew the worm drive. Remove the oil pickup from the worm drive. Pull the seal block off of the end of the pump.

Step 13

Clean all of the parts in a mild cleaning agent, like detergent. Scrub them clean with the brush. Inspect the parts for any damage. Check the worm drive to make sure it isn't bent or cracked. Replace parts as necessary and reassemble the oil pump. Lubricate the worm drive with engine grease.

Step 14

Pull the oil distributer hose out of the engine with the needle nosed pliers. Throw away the old hose and use compressed air to blow the hole clean. Reinsert the new hose into the engine.

Step 15

Attach the oil pump to the distributer hose. Screw the oil pump back to its mount. Screw the oil cover back over the pump. Reinstall the clutch assembly to the crankshaft. Replace bar cover, bar and chain.