The granular herbicide Casoron controls the spread of annual grasses as well as broadleaf and perennial weeds. It prevents them from germinating around outdoor plants and inside potted plants that spend time outside. Since this product is a preventive, it has no effect on weeds that have germinated. The ideal seasons for using Casoron, which works by stunting cell development, are early spring and fall.

Casoron keeps weeds from germinating.

Step 1

Pull all the weeds from the area you plan to treat with Casoron.

Step 2

Put protective goggles and gloves on before using Casoron. Dichlobenil, the active ingredient in this weed killer, is harmful to your health.

Step 3

Add 3 ½ oz. of Casoron for each 10 square feet of area to be treated to a spreader. Use your hands to apply Casoron to container plants.

Step 4

Push the spreader over the area you want to eliminate weeds from, broadcasting the granules evenly.

Step 5

Water the granules to drive the chemical underground.