Is Redwood Good for Firewood?

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Redwood may be difficult to find in many areas of the country.

Redwood is highly prized for its beautiful lumber, but sometimes may be cut for firewood. If you are considering this variety to heat your home, you should know what to expect before you begin to use it.


Redwood produces a moderate amount of heat. This level can be compared to trees such as cypress, ash and birch. It is hotter than pine or cedar but less than maple or hickory.


Because it is a softwood variety, redwood is relatively easy to split. This can make it a good choice for kindling, or material used to start a fire.


Redwood produces more smoke than other types of firewood, such as oak, beech, birch and ash. It produces about the same amount as most softwood species but slightly less than Southern Yellow Pine.


If you are purchasing redwood to burn, you should first find out where it came from. This tree is planted commercially in many areas of the southern United States. Buying firewood from one of these plantations can help reduce the number of Coastal redwoods harvested in the Pacific Northwest region. Avoid purchasing Dawn redwood from China as it is nearly extinct there.


Misty Amber Brighton

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