How to Secure an Outdoor Resin Statue

Resin statuary is a less expensive alternative to heavy cement or stone models. Resin is fairly durable and lends itself well to high detail and a number of finishes. The light material is easy to move, but it can also have a downside. Wind, rambunctious children or accidents can easily topple lightweight statues. Securing large resin statues is important for safety and anchoring smaller models may deter theft. With a few tools and some know-how your resin masterpiece will remain stationary and intact. Use anchoring materials appropriate for the statue size and location.

Resin statues may need to be anchored for safety.

Wood application

Step 1

Choose the location for the statue and determine the material upon which it will rest. Trace around the base of the statue on wooden decking, then move the statue aside. Drill pilot holes for L-bracket screws at several points around the outline.

Step 2

Position the brackets with the elbow at the edge of the outline and the bottom of the L-pointing toward the center. Attach the brackets with screws. Position the statue inside the brackets.

Step 3

Mark the position of the L-brackets on the statue base. Use a small bit to drill pilot holes in the base of the statue for the bracket screws. Attach the bracket to the statue base with screws.

Anchoring to cement

Step 4

Trace around the statue base on the cement. Drill holes for anchor bolts around the outline. Use a minimum of three bolts spaced evenly around the base for stability. Use more if necessary.

Step 5

Attach L-brackets to the anchor bolts, and secure the anchor bolts to the cement. Place the statue inside the ring of anchor bolts.

Step 6

Mark pilot hole locations on the base of the statue. Drill pilot holes in the statue base. Fasten the L-brackets to the statue base with screws.

Ground application

Step 7

Determine the statue location and position on the ground. Level the ground if necessary. Mark the exact position of the base. Move the statue aside and use post hole diggers to make three holes around the base area.

Step 8

Mix cement according to the package instructions and fill the holes. Set anchor bolts into the cement. Allow the cement to set and dry.

Step 9

Attach L-brackets to the anchor bolts. Position the statue and mark pilot holes in the base. Drill holes and attach the L-brackets to the statue with screws.