How to Make a Garden Bench Seat

There are various styles for garden benches. If you like the rustic look, you will enjoy making this garden bench seat. This bench seat can be made in one afternoon and will look fine in any setting. Think of making more than one and create multiple seating areas in your garden or on the deck.

Garden bench
Firewood/log stumps

Level the ends of the tree stump or firewood logs with the circular saw. Make sure the stumps or logs are the same height. Place about 5 feet apart.

Step 2

Sand the top of the barn wood or cedar plank until smooth. Sand the edges to keep from getting splinters.

Step 3

Lay the barn wood or cedar plank across the top of the logs. Make sure the plank sticks out past the stumps. When it is in desired position, Drill two wood screws into the top of the plank and down into the stumps.

Step 4

Stain and/or polyurethane if desired. You will need two coats of stain and three coats of polyurethane over the entire seating surface.