When to Put Hummingbird Feeders Out in Kentucky

According to the University of Kentucky, most hummingbirds migrate to southern Mexico, Panama, the Bahamas, Haiti and the Dominican Republic during the winter. They fly back to Kentucky when conditions become warmer.

Hummingbirds usually leave Kentucky in the winter.


The University of Kentucky reports that hummingbirds usually start migrating southward in late July. They generally continue to be seen in Kentucky until October.


According to the University of Kentucky, hummingbirds usually arrive in mid-April when spring flowers bloom. However, early hummingbirds could arrive as soon as March 29.

Leaving Feeders Outside in Winter

According to the University of Kentucky, you can leave hummingbird feeders outside through winter because hummingbirds will migrate regardless of food availability. Rarely, people spot hummingbirds in Kentucky during winter and leaving the feeders outside could increase the possibility of those hummingbirds visiting your backyard.