What Does Miracle-Gro Do for Plants?

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Miracle-Gro is a chemical fertilizer that uses chemical versions of nutrients necessary for plant growth and longevity. Often many of these nutrients are missing or lacking in the soil in which they grow, thereby making Miracle-Gro an effective means of bolstering and enhancing the health, life, growth and longevity of plants.


The function of Miracle-Gro is to bolster the growth of the plants so that they are bigger and create more blooms where applicable. Although some advertisements for Miracle-Gro claim to grow plants up to twice their normal size, every gardener should use Miracle-Gro armed with information and make decisions on what product to use, and how much, according to their own best judgment.


The benefits of using a product like Miracle-Gro is that it is a water-soluble fertilizer and, as such, seeps into the root systems and soil surrounding the roots of plants easily and quickly. This produces an oft-desired effect of bigger, heartier plants that grow quickly and are less prone to withering as a result of the pests, weather and various other elements to which weaker plants might succumb.


One thing to consider when using any chemical fertilizer is that perhaps there are side effects that you would rather avoid. For example, organic fertilizers might not produce as dramatic results, but proponents of using organic fertilizers over chemical fertilizers claim they are better for the environment and will not cause damage in the form of chemicals leeching into the surrounding water supplies. For more on this, refer to the link under Resources.


Miracle-Gro officially went on the market in 1951. It was originally intended to curb the spread of crabgrass but quickly branched out to include seed development and marketing as well as fertilizer products. Since then the brand has grown to include all kinds of of fertilizer, including innovative and easy-to-use products for the beginner or novice gardener.


The potential to grow heartier, more luscious plants with Miracle-Gro is strong. Miracle-Gro offers a variety of different products designed to meet any and all gardening needs--from solid fertilizer to the type that attaches to your hose and disseminates the chemicals as you water. Do some research to determine if this product is right for you and whether or not you feel comfortable using it over a slower organic method.

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