How to Build a Coffee Table

How to Build a Coffee Table. Coffee tables can add appeal to any room. Making the coffee table yourself will give you a sense of pride. Find a design you like, build it and then have friends and family over to show it off.

Step 1

Design the size of your coffee table.

Step 2

Select the type of wood or lumber you want to use for this project.

Step 3

Cut wood to size determined by your design. You should have at least one large piece for the top and four legs. More material may be required depending on design.

Step 4

Glue and dowel legs and base of coffee table frame together. Drill matching holes for the dowels opposite each other from the table top to the legs.

Step 5

Build top of coffee table and secure to the table frame or base. Use wood screws to secure the legs in place.

Step 6

Sand the coffee table 3 times before the final sand. Sand it with 80 grit, then 120 grit and lastly, 220 grit sand paper.

Step 7

Allow it to dry completely and do a final sand with 220 grit.

Step 8

Apply stain or paint, depending on what your design calls for.

Step 9

Cover the stain or paint with a clear top coat to protect the finish.