How to Make a Table That Folds Against the Wall

A table that can fold up against the wall is a real blessing in homes where space is in short supply. Whether you want to install it in the kitchen for a fold-away breakfast nook, or even as the main dinner table if space is really unavailable, you'll be happy to know that making your own folding table is not a long process.

Step 1

Locate two wall studs 32 inches apart in the area you want to install the folding table, using a stud finder to trace their position. Studs are positioned 16 inches apart, so there should be another stud in between the two you locate.

Step 2

Draw a level line on the wall that is 40 inches long and is centered between the two studs you chose. The line should be at the height you want the table to be at. Most tables are around 28 to 30 inches high.

Step 3

Position the stationary side of a folding bracket over one of the stud marks on the line, with the top of the bracket flush with the wall line. Secure the bracket to the stud with 3-inch screws driven through the screw holes in the bracket arm into the wall and the stud beneath. Repeat with another bracket on the other stud position.

Step 4

Fold out the collapsible portion of the brackets and lock them in the out position. Center the tabletop over the brackets, with a 40-inch side against the wall.

Step 5

Secure the tabletop to the bracket arms with screws long enough to go through the bracket and about half the thickness of the tabletop. Drive the screws through the screw holes in the bracket arms into the underside of the tabletop. Your folding table is now complete, it will seat four comfortably.

B.T. Alo

B.T. Alo is media director, chief writer and editor for a U.S.-based marketing and consulting firm. He holds a bachelor's degree in business and communications. Alo's interests include business, investments, electronics, personal finance, health, communication, popular trends and travel.