Building Plans for a Dog Crate End Table

Most commercially available dog crates come in drab colors and are visually unappealing, thus making them an article you probably don't want to showcase in your home. By creating a dog crate end table, you can camouflage your dog's crate, disguising it as part of the room's decor. This allows the dog to be crated in a common area of the home without the crate or carrier getting in the way.


Step 1

Measure your dog crate on all sides to get an accurate picture of its dimensions. You will want your end table plans to be larger than the size of the dog crate that they will contain.

Step 2

Create the plan for your end table. Add to each dimension so that the end table will be large enough to slip over the top of the dog crate. Use your own discretion when adding to the dimensions, depending on how much space you want around your crate. However, an extra inch on each side will typically suffice.

Step 3

Cut two side panels from your plywood. The sides should be slightly taller and wider than the dimensions of your dog crate. An inch or more on each side is typically ideal.

Step 4

Cut a back panel from your plywood in the same manner as in Step 3. Attach the side and back panels together with your hammer and nails. Slide the dog crate into your three-sided structure to ensure a proper fit before continuing.

Step 5

Create a door frame with your 2-inch by 1-inch boards to the dimensions of the front of the table. Cover the frame with wire mesh or chicken wire for ventilation. Attach your door frame to the table structure using two metal hinges. Attach a latch closure to the opposite side of the door.

Step 6

Cut a top for your table. The top should be long and wide enough to hang over the basic table frame by 1 to 2 inches on each side. Work with a higher-grade lumber if possible for this part of the project.

Step 7

Sand your tabletop for a smooth finish. Paint or stain the table using a nontoxic, pet-safe product. Choose a product that is intended for use on child-safe toys and furniture for the best results.