How to Keep Ants From Getting on Outdoor Tables

Ants can't help but to go after your food and drinks when your out on your deck, patio or picnic table. While there's no fail-safe way to keep them away from your dining areas entirely, there is a handy trick that you can use to keep them off of the tables and therefore out of your food. With this system in place, you can confidently walk away from an outdoor table of food without wondering if the ants will close in.

Step 1

Examine the type of table you have to determine what kind of containers you need. If your table has three or more legs with small feet, you can use small containers like empty tuna cans, as long as the table feet can fit inside. For table legs with larger feet, you should use bigger containers like plastic food storage containers or empty spreadable margarine tubs. If your table sits atop a large center pedestal, you will need a much larger container such as a plastic kiddie pool or a large plastic bin.

Step 2

Gather the appropriately-sized containers by either purchasing them, cleaning and recycling used food containers or using household containers that you already have. If you have a table with multiple legs, make sure you have one container for each leg.

Step 3

Lift up the table legs one at a time and slide a container underneath each one. The leg should be resting inside the container so that water can be poured around the leg. If you have a pedestal table, set your large container down where you want the table to be and lift the table off of the ground to set it down inside.

Step 4

Pour a couple of inches of water into each container. If an ant tries to reach the top of the table, it will have to start by climbing one of the containers. It won't be able to get past the water.