How to Paint a Wooden Picnic Table

How to Paint a Wooden Picnic Table. No one enjoys eating at a picnic table that hasn't been properly cared for and painted. If you own a picnic table, you can keep your table looking fresh with a coat of paint.

Step 1

Wash the picnic table and let it air dry.

Step 2

Use a wire brush to scrape off any peeling paint.

Step 3

Sand out any rough patches in the wood. You may want to use an electric sander if you have much sanding to do. Use a coarse grit sand paper on stubborn rough spots, and then finish with a finer grit sand paper. Carefully sand the ends of the picnic table as well.

Step 4

Choose a dry, windless day to paint the table outside. It's easier to see any spots you miss if you paint in the shade.

Step 5

Start painting the table on the top and work your way down. Paint the underside of the table, too. Cover every crevice of the table. Make sure you use an outdoor paint.

Step 6

Let the first coat dry thoroughly, and then give the picnic table a second coat. Let the second coat dry entirely before you use your picnic table.