How to Fold & Store an Intex 16 Foot Pool

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Things You'll Need

  • Intex pool

  • Talcum powder

  • Storage container

A pool is an important part of summer fun for many families, but in areas where winter temperatures fall below freezing, Intex Easy Set pools must be taken down and stored. Taking down and storing your pool correctly at the end of every year is an important part of the pool maintainance process. Correct storage will protect your investment, and prevent the cost of replacing or repairing a damaged liner.

Step 1

Remove all the plumbing from the pool and set it aside to dry.

Step 2

Drain the pool completely, and allow it to dry in the sun for at least an hour. It is important that the pool be completely dry before it is folded and stored. Replace the drainage plug and cap after the liner has dried.

Step 3

Deflate the top ring of the pool.

Step 4

Sprinkle talcum powder over the pool. This will prevent the vinyl from sticking to itself during storage, and will absorb any remaining moisture to prevent mildew.

Step 5

Fold one-sixth of liner in on itself at each side of the pool to form a square.

Step 6

Fold two opposing sides of the square in on themselves twice, to form a long, skinny rectangle. The two sides of the pool should touch along a center seam when the two folds are complete.

Step 7

Fold the pool in half along the center seam. The Intex owner's manual describes this fold as "like closing a book."

Step 8

Squeeze the air out of the liner by starting at one end of the liner and pushing the air out as you work down to the other end. For tighter compression and more complete air removal, roll and then unroll the liner like a sleeping bag.

Step 9

Fold the bottom fourth of the pool liner up toward the center, and the top fourth of the pool liner down toward the center, so that the ends meet to form a center seam.

Step 10

Fold the liner along the center seam just created. The liner is now folded down to one small square with no edges exposed.

Step 11

Place the pool and plumbing accessories back in the original box or in a plastic tote. It is important that the storage container not be air tight, so that moisture can escape.

Step 12

Store in a dry location, where mice and other pests cannot cause damage, and where the liner will not experience extreme temperatures. The location should stay between 41 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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