How to Make Ties for Patio Cushions

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Things You'll Need

  • Seam ripper

  • Grosgrain ribbon

  • Fray stopper

  • Needle and thread

  • Scissors


Check your chair ties every time you launder the cover or remove the cushions for the season. Ties often tear away from the cushion covers and require maintenance.

Cushion with ties.

Many patio cushions are sold without ties. A cushion may look good tucked neatly into the seat of a patio chair but a windy day or a fast-moving child will quickly separate the cushion from the chair. One quick way to fix this problem is to simply add ties to the cushion. You can custom-make the ties to as long as you want them to be, allowing you to secure the cushions throughout the summer season, preventing damage and soiling.

Step 1

Select a skein of 1-inch thick grosgrain ribbon in a color that complements your cushion covers.

Step 2

Cut two pieces of 24-inch long ribbon per cushion. Apply a compound to the cut ends to stop them from fraying.

Step 3

Remove the cushion from the chair.

Step 4

Use the seam ripper to open the back right corner seam 1 inch in the center of the seam.

Step 5

Fold the ribbon in half and insert the fold 1/2-inch into the open seam.

Step 6

Sew the seam back together through the ribbon with needle and thread. Repeat for the left side of the cushion. Because the ribbon is sewn in the middle of the seam, you can turn the cushion over if one side becomes soiled.


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