How to Spray Paint Wicker Furniture

How to Spray Paint Wicker Furniture. Changing the appearance of wicker furniture is very easy and takes just a few minutes to do using spray paint. You are left you with instant gratification and a look that is fresh, new and perfectly coordinated with the surrounding décor. Read on to learn how to spray paint wicker furniture.

Spray Paint Wicker Furniture

Step 1

Clean the furniture. Use an old towel to dust it well, making sure that no residue or debris is left on the surface. If the furniture already has multiple coats of paint, you may want to use light-grain sandpaper to remove the layers. Wash down the furniture and allow it to fully dry if going this route.

Step 2

Pick a location. The best place to spray paint the wicker is in your empty garage, with the garage door cracked about half-way open to provide proper ventilation, and to keep any breeze out of the garage. If no garage is available, find an open grassy area away from houses and cars that could catch the mist of the spray in the wind.

Step 3

Cover the ground. Use a flattened cardboard box, an old sheet or a painting drop cloth to cover the surface of the ground. This isn't completely necessary if using the grass since it can be mowed, but the blades of grass may get in the way of the wet paint.

Step 4

Use the right paint. If the furniture is intended for outdoor use, pick a spray paint that is meant for outdoor wicker furniture. Even if the furniture will be used indoors, outdoor paint can be used. Many brands and colors are on the market, so this won't be hard to find.

Step 5

Start spraying. Use short, fluid sprays to coat the wicker. It is better to use several light layers than one thick layer so you don't get drip marks. Spray from every angle to make sure you have gotten inside every crevice. Allow each coat to dry for 15 minutes in between coats.