How to Repair Resin Furniture

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Things You'll Need

  • Old newspaper

  • Chemical fume mask

  • All purpose spray

  • Orange oil

  • Plastic disposable gloves

  • Soft white cloth

  • Paint brush

  • Plastic welder's glue

  • Epoxy

  • Putty knife

  • Fitted plastic

  • Spray paint

  • Gloss paint

Resin lawn furniture

Mainly used outdoors as patio or deck furniture, resin furniture is made of shiny hard plastic that comes in various colors, green being popular for lawn deck chairs. Resin furniture can last a long time even if worn, with some simple steps for repair.


Step 1

Spread old newspaper on the floor underneath the furniture to protect concrete or flooring. Properly ventilate the area if you are inside. Wear a chemical fume mask if you are using an all purpose cleaning spray.

Step 2

Use orange oil to clean resin furniture. Resin furniture has a high gloss, and the oil both lubricates the plastic and removes dirt. Never use steel scrub pads on resin chairs, since it will scuff the surface and dull the finish. Wear plastic disposable gloves, and place a generous amount of orange oil onto a soft white cloth. Use a paint brush soaked in orange oil to get at the hard-to-reach surfaces.


Step 3

Wipe the furniture all over with the orange oil to remove any staining or dirt. Use a second clean soft cloth to wipe up the excess oil. While cleaning, examine the resin furniture, especially the legs, back and edges, for breaks or splits in the plastic.

Step 4

Apply plastic welder's glue or epoxy between any cracks or scratches, using a putty knife. Add a piece of fitted plastic to any sections that have wide splits or sections missing in the furniture. Place glue on all sides and onto the open sections, and fit into place. Hold for a few minutes, and allow to dry.


Step 5

Paint the furniture with a spray paint made for resin furniture. Wear a chemical mask and disposable gloves to protect the skin, and if inside, ventilate the work area when using spray paint. Some eco-friendly spray paints can be used outside. Apply another coat of orange oil to add shine to the furniture, or paint the furniture with a gloss paint made for resin furniture. Wait for the furniture to dry, and if needed, apply a second coat.



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